DMV licensed through the BPA program!

Now there is another way to get your vehicle registration and other DMV related transactions completed. Quik DMV Registration Service is able to perform transactions which were previously administered only by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles. We are contracted, DMV licensed and bonded through their Business Partner Automation program. We hold Occupational DMV License number 92153.

What makes Quik a better alternative?

Have you wasted countless hours at the DMV over the years? Quik Registration Service has the ability to offer extremely fast efficient service. Why? Because we are not the official DMV back logged with all the services they provide. We offer only a select range of important DMV services. Therefore, we are never bogged down, and as a result our customers are shocked at the speed at which we do business. California drivers now have an alternative choice to handle their vehicles registration renewal needs. Quik is dedicated at providing excellent service through our DMV licensed BPA. Our knowledgeable staff answer the phones, respond to your emails, and are highly qualified professionals available to answer your toughest DMV related questions.

Quik is Accredited with the Better Business Bureau

We are proud to be represented by the Better Business Bureau. Quik registration services will uphold the standards of excellence expected by the Better Business Bureau. It is our intention, and desire to serve our customers with the highest regard and professionalism. We have been operating as a DMV registration service business since 2011. And have offered online registration services since 2014. And we look forward to many years ahead at developing long term relationships with California drivers. We thank you for taking the time to review our website, we look forward to answering any questions you may have with regard to your vehicles DMV requirements.

Thank You,
Quik Registration Service, Inc


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