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Complete Your Online Car Registration from the comfort, safety & convenience of Your own home.

If you drove to the nearest DMV, you might find a parking stall within three blocks of the office. After you walk through this “interesting neighborhood” you can then wait in a line to check-in, even if you already have an appointment.

Then you get to wait in another line to get a number that you can only hope is called before the DMV closing time.

If you do not have an appointment, how much  longer will you wait?

Did you know drivers are turned away by DMV staff every day because their staff is over-worked? The DMV professionals try their best but the result is still expiration of your car tags & a LATE FEE! Or you can simply use our unique Online Car Registration system.

Our proprietary, QuikDMV may be imitated but never duplicated. This system is simple from your perspective asking for your vehicle license, a click & a print. Behind the scenes, the QuikDMV 4.0 Registration System transmits millions of bits of information to & receives from the DMV database. And this sophisticated technology is not available on any other website, phone registration system or even by the DMV.

With our system you simply: Enter, Click & Print your proof of registration. Yes, it truly is that simple. Your Online Car Registration from the comfort, safety & convenience of Your own home is done.

Check that off of your “To Do” list.

QuikDMV always provides Free phone support during store hours. 916.333.2892

QuikDMV is contracted & licensed by the State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles via the Business Partner Automated Program (BPA).  The BPA is an important part of the State of California continuing to provide DMV services without raising your registration fees or income taxes. And QuikDMV is happy to be part of that Public / Private Partnership to save all drivers & taxpayers money.

To ensure your peace of mind QuikDMV is also insured & bonded, ensuring your complete security during all stages of this quick transaction.





[*Our phone support is always free, however, DMV registration fees may apply. Our helpful courteous staff will advise you *before* you incur any fees whatsoever.]

DMV Registration Renewals Made Simple.

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Avoid ASF Fees and let Quik Registration Services handle your company’s needs.


We can help you comply with the new mandates required by law effective July 12, 2012.



We are endorsed by Independent Automobile Dealers Association of California.


We are contracted, licensed and bonded by the California state DMV.

Quik Registration Service, LLC is licensed by the State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles (California Vehicle Code § 1685). Quik Registration Service, LLC has not been approved or endorsed by any governmental agency, and the services offered by Quik Registration Service, LLC and this website are not made by an governmental agency. Our business license is available on our DMV licensed page

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